• Before They Were Royal: Prince Philip

    Philip was born into Greek royalty: the son of a playboy father and a troubled mother whose lives were destroyed when their throne was overthrown.

  • Before They Were Royal: Wallis Simpson

    A profile of the young woman who was to change the course of the Royal family. Was she the scheming seductress or a clever, well-meaning woman who was simply unlucky in love?

  • Before They Were Royal: Camilla

    The colourful story of the woman for whom Charles risked everything but what of the early life of the potential future Queen consort?

  • Before they Were Royal: Princess Alice

    A great grand-daughter to Queen Victoria, Prince Philip's mother was born at Windsor Castle before her lifetime struggling with deafness, schizophrenia and exile.

  • A Very Royal Christmas: Secrets of Sandringham

    A sumptuous look at how the royal family enjoy the festive period at their Sandringham estate, from historical traditions to somewhat surprising gifts and culinary extravaganzas.

  • Royals Declassified

    1 season

    Exclusive insight into Royal lives, relationships and scandals - from Princess Diana's interview with Martin Bashir, to the top secret conversations The Queen has with her Prime Ministers.

  • Secrets Of The Royal Kitchens

    From glamorous state banquets to the Queen's TV dinners: kitchens are central to royal life. In this programme, royal chefs reveal all their secrets!

  • The Royal Family: Are they worth it?

    In a world that increasingly values merit over birth is the Royal Family in danger of becoming outdate or do they continue to represent a stalwart symbol of what it means to be British and provide stability in an ever changing world?

  • Princes of the Palace

    Their royal blood has been coursing through the British royal family for thousands of years but just what does it mean to be a 'Prince of the Palace'?

  • Kensington Palace: Behind Closed Doors -Episode 1

    An intimate look at the palace that has been a private home to the royal family for more than three hundred years.

  • Princess Margaret: Queen of Mustique

    In the company of rock stars and royals, the island of Mustique was probably the one place that Princess Margaret could be herself away from the prying eyes of the press and the disapproval of the palace.

  • Kensington Palace: Behind Closed Doors -Episode 2

    Kensington prepares for visitors whilst restoring an ongoing exhibition of Diana's clothing.

  • Secrets of the Royal Palaces

    1 season

  • Secrets Of The Royal Jewels

    The dazzling stories behind the world's most famous collection of precious stones, from the crown jewels to Diana's sparkling accessories and Kate's favourite tiara.

  • The Royal Inner Circle

    Very few of us will ever get as close to the Royal family as a handful of Royal retainers who form the vital 'inner circle'. From bodyguards to butlers and press officers to dressers, these are the select few who have achieved the rare status of confidante.

  • Growing Up Royal: The Children of The Palace

    Throughout history the pressures of accountability to the firm have weighed heavily and continue to do so.

  • Secrets Of The Royal Doctors

    An intimate look at royal life, from births to deaths & everything in between. No-one gets closer to the royals than their doctors!

  • Beautiful Thing: A Passion For Porcelain

    The story of the opulent, intricate, gold-crested Sevres porcelain, the favourite of the Royal family and aristocrats alike.


    1 season

  • The World's Greatest Palaces

    1 season

    Discover what life is really like for a royal as we go behind the doors of some of the most extraordinary palaces in the world.

  • The Royals and Their Pets

    The Royal family has always had a very special relationship with their pets: from the lapdog who hid under Mary, Queen of Scots' skirts at her execution to Caesar, King Edward VII's terrier who took precedence over 9 Kings at his masters' State Funeral.

  • Behind Palace Walls: Royal Children

    Growing up Royal has certainly changed over the centuries but what does it mean for the modern generation of titled toddlers?

  • Royals and Animals: Til Death Do Us Part

    Pet-crazy Britain has a monarch to match. It is said the Queen’s private passions follow this order: “horses, dogs, husband and kids.” For the first time, this film documents the extraordinary relationship between the Windsors and their animals. The revelations come courtesy of staff who cooked a...

  • Undercover Princes and Princesses

    The Princes lived together in a house in Brighton. With its high proportion of homosexuals, the city was received well by gay Indian Prince Manvendra, but not so well with conservative Prince Africa. The Princesses lived together in Essex and had to get used to the mentality of English boys.