• A Royal Tour of the Twentieth Century: 40s and 50s

    The early royal tours capture the celebration and optimism of a post-WW2 world; but there is tragedy in store as the young Princess Elizabeth hears the news of her father's death whilst in Kenya celebrating her marriage. For the next decade, the royal family was to be confronted by the changing f...

  • A Royal Tour of the Twentieth Century: 60s and 70s

    Political and social upheaval throughout the 60s and 70s was to change the role of the Windsors' relationship to the Commonwealth, as former colonies moved to independence following often-turbulent times. Inevitably there was a distinct change and a new world order, bringing with it diminished po...

  • A Royal Tour of the Twentieth Century: 80s and 90s

    With increasing media attention and the emergence of the paparazzi, a new generation of royals came to the forefront of popular culture; most notably personified by Prince Charles and Diana. As the Commonwealth diminished, the royal family faced more personal breakdowns and tragedies.

  • A Royal Tour of the Twentieth Century: 1990 - 2000 and Beyond

    During the final decade of the 20th century the next generation of the royal family moved to the forefront, as the Queen retired from touring. Throughout a century of great loss, celebration and change, the legacy of the Windsors continues to stand the test of time.

  • Royals in Wartime: Monarchy and the Military

    1 season

    Discover how the the royal House of Windsor have risked life and limb to support the nation in times of War.

  • The Royal Family On Tour

    1 season

    These insightful documentaries reveal what really happens behind-the-scenes when the royals go on tour. Through a combination of archive footage and interviews with royal insiders, we’ll look at the most momentous, emotional, and controversial events when royals travel the world.

  • Secrets Of The Royal Jewels

    The dazzling stories behind the world's most famous collection of precious stones, from the crown jewels to Diana's sparkling accessories, and Kate's favourite tiara.

  • A Royal Guide To...

    1 season

    A look at the more obscure protocols and etiquette followed by the British royal family, as well as examining the historical origins of some of the customs and why they continue to endure.

  • Secrets of the Royal Traditions

    Royal insiders lead us through the secrets of the sometimes downright strange world of royal traditions.

  • Secrets Of The Royal Kitchens

    From glamorous state banquets to the Queen's TV dinners: kitchens are central to royal life. In this programme, royal chefs reveal all their secrets!

  • Harry's South Pole Heroes

    1 season

    Four wounded British soldiers led by Prince Harry prepare to take on teams from the USA and the Commonwealth in a 200 km race to the South Pole.

  • Elizabeth: A Life Through The Lens

    Documentary charting the incredible reign of Queen Elizabeth II and positioning her as the most photographed woman ever to have lived. With contributions from eminent royal historians and veteran reporters, we explore how the Queen adapted to rapid technological advances and the advent of mass me...

  • Secrets Of The Royal Doctors

    An intimate look at royal life; from births to deaths & everything in between. No-one gets closer to the royals than their doctors!

  • Secrets of the Royal Palaces

    1 season

    A fascinating, in-depth look at the many homes of the British Royal family and the secrets held therein.

  • Her Majesty's Prime Ministers: Boris Johnson

    Although Boris Johnson's premiership was comparatively short, he navigated the country through the ravages of the Covid pandemic, as well as finalising a deal for the UK's historic exit from the European Union. But what would Her Majesty the Queen make of her new Prime Minister?

  • Prince Philip: The Plot to Make a King

    The inside story of the fierce dynastic tensions that were unleashed when the Queen fell in love with Prince Phillip: tensions that would place huge strain on the royal marriage, and would shape the future of Elizabeth's reign.

  • Harry's Mountain Heroes

    Five soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan take on one of the world's toughest challenges, Mount Everest, supported by Prince Harry - the expedition's patron.

  • Secrets of The Queen's Coronation

    A behind-the-scenes look at Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation; sharing memories and anecdotes from those who played key roles at the celebration, all speaking publicly for the first time.

  • Princess Anne: Finding the Spotlight

    We take a royal tour around the life and passions of the young Princess Anne as she set about finding the spotlight to shine upon her.

  • Queen Elizabeth II: Above All Else

    Reigning monarch for over six decades and the cornerstone of modern British history, Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne after the untimely death of her beloved father, King George VI. She has seen the world change drastically and has faced a number of great challenges, both publicly and pr...

  • George VI: Reluctant but Rightful

    Through the chaos of war and the founding of the Commonwealth of Nations, King George VI became a figure of hope and stability for people throughout the world.

  • 1992: Monarchy vs Media

    With tension rising between the Queen and the media, the royals were unwillingly thrust into the spotlight. In a nutshell, the Queen desired compassion and fairer coverage in a year which she felt had allowed her neither.

  • Prince Harry in Africa

    Prince Harry travels to Lesotho in Southern Africa to look at the progress being made by his charity, Sentebale, to combat HIV/AIDS.

  • Charles and the Women Who Could Have Been Queen

    In 1969, Prince Charles challenged himself to find a bride by the age of 30. He missed his target by 2 years marrying Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, but prior to that, he is said to have romanced at least 20 women and proposed to two of them.