The World's Greatest Palaces

The World's Greatest Palaces

10 Episodes

Discover what life is really like for a royal as we go behind the doors of some of the most extraordinary palaces in the world.

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The World's Greatest Palaces
  • Schonbrunn Palace

    Episode 1

    For 350 years the main summer residence of Austria's imperial family, Schonbrunn is a rococo behemoth of 1,441 rooms. It was famously the home of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria who was assassinated in 1898 and often compared to Princess Diana for her beauty and iconic status.

  • The Royal Palace of Caserta

    Episode 2

    This gigantic structure remains the largest palace in the world at over 2 million cubic metres. Built for the Kings of Naples and even housing its' own silk factory, Caserta is now a Unesco World Heritage site.

  • Hampton Court Palace

    Episode 3

    The baroque Hampton Court Palace has royal history coursing through it's walls. The home of Henry VIII, the birthplace of the Church of England and home of the largest extant 16th century kitchens in the World, it also takes approximately 20 minutes to navigate the oldest hedge maze in the world.

  • Kensington Palace

    Episode 4

    Kensington Palace remains a residence for today's modern Royals and is full to the rafters of treasures, secrets and ghosts.
    If you would like to experience life as a Royal you can even hire the Palace for the day!

  • Neuschwanstein Castle

    Episode 5

    Know as the 'Disney' Castle and Walt's inspiration, Neuschwanstein Castle was the brainchild of 'Mad Ludwig of Bavaria' who never lived to see it completed.

  • Edinburgh Castle

    Episode 6

    A symbol of Scotland that has been fought over for more than a thousand years, Edinburgh Castle has been besieged over 20 times and it's ancient battlements could tell many tales of intrigue, conquest and royal rivalry.

  • The Royal Palace of Stockholm

    Episode 7

    Located in the heart of Sweden's capital, The Palace of Stockholm has been the official residence of the monarchy for over 250 years - indeed the current King, Carl Gustav XVI continues to host dignitaries within it's magnificent walls to this very day.

  • Chateau de Fontainbleu

    Episode 8

    Starting life as a 12th century medieval castle before turning into a renaissance palace the the 15th century, Fontainbleu remained the seat of the Kings and Emperors of France for over 750 years and was even used as a German HQ during the Second World War until liberated by Allied forces.

  • Laxmi Vilas Palace

    Episode 9

    Four times the size of Buckingham Palace, Laxmi Vilas palace boasted such modern amenities as elevators when constructed in 1890.
    A private tour of this extraordinary fusion of Hindu, Islamic and British styles is given by the current Maharaja and his family who currently reside here.

  • Peles Castle

    Episode 10

    His Royal Highness, Prince Radu of Romania himself takes us on a personal tour of the magical peles castle - deceptively up to date despite it's medieval aesthetic, with a central vacuum system, retractable roof and even a hydro electric power plant.