• Diana: The People's Princess

    The People's Princess celebrates the life of Diana, exploring her childhood, family life and upbringing with intimate contributions from her nanny, former head mistress and friends among others.

  • Diana: My Life as a Princess

    When twenty one year old Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in 1981 watched by 750 million people worldwide after a string of unsuitable girlfriends, the public thought that they had finally found their happy ending.
    It was not long, however, before the cracks began to show as they embarke...

  • Diana: A Day in the Life

    Thrust into public life at age 19, Diana soon became a world-famous mother - a role that that remained her chief concern for the rest of her life as she reinvented Royal parenting for a new generation. Her devotion as a mother had an enormous impact on her children who continue the tradition of l...

  • Diana at Kensington Palace

    The “Diana: A Princess Remembered” exhibition featured videos, photographs, and dresses showing her evolution from a young innocent girl to one of the most photographed women in the world.

  • Diana: Queen of Hearts

    After her tragic and untimely death, Princess Diana left a legacy in her charities and causes.
    Remembered here by her closest friends as loyal, steadfast and having an incredible level of compassion and remarkable intuition.

  • Diana: Separation and Divorce

    Charles and Diana married in 1981 and yet within a decade the marriage had turned into a pile of ashes and as their union disintegrated the mask began to slip. Weighed down by years in a loveless marriage they could barely bring themselves to be in each other's company.
    This is the story of the d...

  • To Diana With Love

    A charmingly naive documentary made before the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles hit the rocks looking at the young married couple as they enjoy their new life and their new young family both at home and on holiday.
    Fascinating to watch with the benefit of hindsight.

  • Diana: Memorial

    Princess Diana touched the lives of millions of people, and six years after her death a memorial garden and fountain were built in her memory, to symbolise her open and giving nature.

  • Her Life in Jewels

    The extraordinary life of Diana, Princess of Wales was a chronicle of jewels, each marking a distinct juncture in her life. Beginning with the infamous sapphire engagement ring which Kate now wears, this revealing programme follows the story of Diana's most famous gems.

  • Diana: A Model Princess

    A fascinating insight into the creation of Princess Diana's fashion style, from pie-crust collars to Versace and vintage Givenchy. We meet the visionaries who helped her establish her personal 'brand' and follow her transformation into the world's best-dressed Royal, spanning ten whirlwind years...

  • Diana: A Celebration

    Whether at the White House, a formal visit to the Vatican or a building site in Australia, Princess Diana always brought a spontaneity, enthusiasm and a spectacular sense of style to whatever she did.

  • The Royal Beat: Inside Kensington Palace

    As Kensington Palace opens it's doors post lockdown, The Royal Beat presents a very special episode from inside Queen Victoria's bedroom.

  • A Royal Tour of the Twentieth Century: 80s and 90s

    With increasing media attention and the emergence of the paparazzi, a new generation of Royals came to the forefront of popular culture; most notably in personified by Charles and Diana.
    As the Commonwealth diminished the Royal family faced more personal breakdowns and tragedies.

  • Fashion Icon: Diana, Princess of Wales

    Diana, Princess of Wales was one of the most photographed women in the world, and her unique style was copied by women everywhere.

  • Princess Diana: The Evolution of a Fashion Icon

    From the demure and shy Lady Diana Spencer who was engaged to be married to The Prince of Wales to the independent, free-spirited, dazzling Princess of Wales who became one of the world's greatest international style icons.
    This is the story of her fashion evolution.

  • Inside Kensington Palace: Fit for a Princess

    Kensington Palace has seen many events including the break up of Princess Margarets marriage.