• Princess Diana: Life After the Palace

    Once free from the shackles of royal restrictions, Diana's life after the palace allowed her to connect with millions of people worldwide as a mother, humanitarian and fashion icon.

  • Camilla and Diana: The Women Who Would be Queen

    Their lives became interwoven throughout two tumultuous decades. We will reveal how both women would go on to blow the monarchy wide open as we uncover the truth behind one of history’s greatest ever love triangles.

  • Diana and Dodi: The Princess and the Playboy

    The truth behind Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed’s ill-fated relationship, with unprecedented access to Dodi's inner circle.

  • Diana: Who Do You Think She Was?

    Diana: Who Do You Think She Was? is a truly innovative exploration of the Princess of Wales' extraordinary heritage over thousands of years, which asks the question: Was Diana actually more royal than the Royals?

  • Diana, Princess of Wales: In Her Own Words

    Archive footage illustrates the astounding impact that Diana had on the world.

  • Diana: The Curse of the Spencers

    Lifting the lid on Diana's family history, this documentary reveals how her parents' explosive relationship and her tragic upbringing shaped the child who would become a Princess.

  • The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess

    1 season

    Twenty-five years ago, a stunned nation watched as Diana, Princess of Wales poured her heart out on national television. She revealed a royal marriage in crisis, infidelities on both sides and a degree of personal misery that had made her seriously ill. It was watershed television, affecting publ...

  • Royals Declassified

    1 season

    Exclusive insight into Royal lives, relationships and scandals - from Princess Diana's interview with Martin Bashir, to the top secret conversations The Queen has with her Prime Ministers.

  • The Royal Beat. The Diana Statue Unveiling

    02/07/2021 - On this week's The Royal Beat, reactions to the Diana statue, and Harry and William's reunion

  • Reinventing The Royals

    1 season

    A fascinating two-part series about the twenty year battle between the monarchy and the media. Looking at relations between first family and the fourth estate, it considers the conflict between personal privacy and public image.

  • The Royal Beat: Inside Kensington Palace

    As Kensington Palace opens it's doors post lockdown, The Royal Beat presents a very special episode from inside Queen Victoria's bedroom.

  • The Royal Beat - S5 Episode 9. Remembering The People's Princess


    On the 26th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, Kate Thornton and the panel take a look back on her extraordinary life; aided by photographs taken by Arthur Edwards MBE.

    Plus, we explore the main take-aways from Prince Harry's new 'Heart of Invictus' documentary, and with Prince Wil...