Walking Victorian Britain

Walking Victorian Britain

6 Episodes

Historian Dr Onyeka Nubia examines the history of Victorian Britain by visiting various regions to better understand this period's complex history, which included societal changes, technological advancement, and injustice.

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Walking Victorian Britain
  • Ep 1. Birmingham

    Episode 1

    Dr Onyeka Nubia gets to grips with Victorian Britain beginning in Birmingham, the industrial heartland of the midlands and a modern city, whose influence was felt around the world.

  • Ep 2. Liverpool

    Episode 2

    Dr Onyeka Nubia explores Liverpool, which was once the most important port in the Victorian world, as it connected Victorian Britain to the Empire and the world beyond.

  • Ep 3. Nottingham

    Episode 3

    Onyeka is in Nottingham as he goes on the trail of Victorian law and order. The 1800s saw the ancient settlement of Nottingham transform into a bustling industrial hub, but with growth came tension, and even violence.

  • Ep 4. Edinburgh

    Episode 4

    Onyeka's walk begins in Edinburgh's Old Town, where in 1726, the University of Edinburgh had set up its medical school - the very first in the country. Onyeka reveals that the school became caught up in the greatest scandal of the era.

  • Ep 5. London

    Episode 5

    Onyeka explores through parts of London, which can be seen as the heart of Victorian Britain, learning how Victorian Londoners spent their spare time.

  • Ep 6. Lancashire and West Yorkshire

    Episode 6

    Onyeka's walk begins on the west side of the Pennines in Burnley. By the dawn of the Victorian age, the town of Burnley had established itself as a major producer of cotton cloth. He also goes to Halifax in West Yorkshire to visit Dean Clough Mills.