• Royal Autopsy

    2 seasons

    Royal Autopsy investigates the cause of death of two of Britain’s most famous monarchs: King Charles II and Queen Elizabeth I, in an entirely new and realistic way. Professor Alice Roberts will bring together a blend of historical and medical expertise and by using contemporaneous accounts and do...

  • The Royal Beat: Book Club – The Queen’s Cousin

    Kate Thornton is joined by the daughter of The Duke of Kent, Lady Helen Taylor, to discuss the book about her father's upbringing and work. Author of 'A Royal Life', Hugo Vickers, and former press secretary to Queen Elizabeth II, Ailsa Anderson, also join the show to talk about the Duke's dedicat...

  • The Royal Beat - Prince Harry Is Back In The UK

    This week on The Royal Beat, Prince Harry returned to the UK, but a reunion with his father was not on the cards. Meanwhile, the King returned to public duty with a visit to a cancer ward at a London hospital and spent some quality time with extended family at the Windsor Horse show.

    Kate Thorn...

  • Anne Boleyn: Arrest, Trial, Execution

    1 season

    Tracy Borman delves into the incredible and tragic story of Henry VIII's second wife.

  • The Royal Beat: The Story Behind Prince Andrew's Disastrous Interview

    On this week's episode of The Royal Beat, our experts discuss the latest Netflix drama shining a light on that disastrous BBC Newsnight interview with Prince Andrew. They sort fact from fiction and take us back to that catastrophic interview for the Duke of York. We also take a look at the new En...

  • The Royal Beat – Back In Time: Ladies In Waiting

    On this episode, we discuss the often overlooked ‘Ladies in Waiting’ who have served the female monarchs of this country and beyond for centuries. We go all the way back to King Henry VIII’s reign to meet a myriad of women who rose through the ranks of society sometimes through their extreme devo...

  • Secrets of the Royal Palaces - Season 3

    1 season

    A fascinating exploration of the United Kingdom's most fabulous Royal Palaces.

  • My King Charles

    This film includes unseen letters and photographs and new revelations from those closest to him, including former girlfriends, relatives and former private staff, painting a uniquely intimate picture of the real man behind the crown.

  • Raymond Blanc’s Royal Kitchen Gardens

    1 season

  • The New Royals: The Young Ones

    As Britain enters a new era with a new king on the throne, the prospect of a more normal monarchy is in sight. This generation of royal upbringing is seen to be one different to generations before.