• The Royals Revealed: Elizabeth and Philip

    A celebration of the extraordinary marriage between Elizabeth and Philip.

  • The World's Greatest Palaces

    1 season

    Discover what life is really like for a royal as we go behind the doors of some of the most extraordinary palaces in the world.

  • Becoming Princess Diana

    A shy quiet girl becomes the most famous woman in the world almost overnight. No one could have prepared Lady Diana Spencer for the relentless spotlight that would shine on her entire adult life.

  • Tales From The Tower

    1 season

  • Althorp: A Family Garden

    Charles Spencer, Viscount Althorp and Princess Diana's brother takes us on a tour of the house that played such an important role in their childhoods.

  • Harry: The Mysterious Prince

    As Prince Harry celebrates his 34th birthday we examine just why he remained a mystery to the public as he navigated his path to adulthood. Which was the 'real' Prince Harry - a feckless playboy partying at nightclubs with a blonde on his lap? Or a physically brave young man destined to distingui...

  • Prince Charles and Prince William: Royal Rivals or Father and Son?

    Prince Charles and Prince William: both heirs to a kingdom having lived through more tragedy and change than most families could ever contemplate. However, adversity appears only to have strengthened their bond.

  • The Private Lives of Medieval Kings

    1 season

  • Harry and Meghan: Two Troubled Years

    Harry and Meghan: It was meant to be a happily ever after but turned out to be anything but a fairytale, disintegrating step by step.
    Was it ever really going to work?