• The Royal Beat - Episode 29. The New King: Charles III

    The Royal Beat discusses the challenges that face the new King as his reign begins. We also look at whether the new Netflix series threatens to destabilize the firm, and why Harry is trying to make last minute changes to his memoirs. Plus, we cover the new Prince and Princess of Wales as they pa...

  • The King in the Car Park

    What happened to the remains of King Richard III (1452-1485) after his death?
    Using the DNA of direct modern day descendants, archaeologists begin the search for his skeleton.

  • Churchill and The Queen

    A glimpse into the relationship between a young princess thrust into the role of Queen of England and her Prime Minister battling the looming Nazi threat.

  • Prince Philip: Enigma

    Walking two steps behind his wife from the moment she became Queen, Philip's loyalty and service were undoubted.

  • Princess Elizabeth: Destined for Greatness

    Not born as an heir to the Throne, no one could have imagined that Princess Elizabeth would grow to become one of our greatest monarchs.