The War of the Roses

The War of the Roses

4 Episodes

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The War of the Roses
  • The War of the Roses: The Kingmaker

    Episode 1

    In 1485 the bitter struggles known to history as the war of the Roses were finally resolved.
    for 30 years the peace and tranquility of the English countryside had been shattered by the vicious spectre of war.

  • The War of the Roses:The Rose of Rouen

    Episode 2

    Using historically accurate, battle filled re-enactments and interviews with historians and noted authors, this documentary brings to life the story behind one of Britain's bloodiest wars.

  • The War of the Roses: Two Roses

    Episode 3

    The bitter civil war that raged in 15th century England was known by the emblems of the two rival factions: the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster.

  • The War of the Roses: One Perfect Rose

    Episode 4

    In 1455 in the town of St Albans the armies of the houses of York and Lancaster met in battle for the first time.
    The bloody wars of the Roses had begun and England was to be changed forever.