• The Royal View: Royals on the Rocks

    An exclusive and original talkshow from True Royalty
    What happens when a Royal marriage ends up on the rocks?
    From Princess Margaret's press worthy escapades to the havoc that was wreaked upon the crown by the divorce of Charles and Diana.
    Lively debate with those in the know.

  • The Royal View: Sex, Lies and Scandals

    A True Royalty original production. Rumours and front page scandals have dogged the Royal Family for centuries. The Royal View takes a look at the truth behind the stories that the Palace have been unable to silence and the damage that they have caused.

  • The Royal View: From 'I do' to 'We're Through'

    New and exclusive to True Royalty.
    Why exactly do we love a Royal Wedding so much?
    From a postwar bride to a Royal marriage that went horribly wrong to one that's only just begun.
    The good, the bad and the ugly of marrying into the british Royal family from those in the know.

  • The Royal View: The Windsors at War

    New and exclusive on True Royalty.
    Blood may be 'thicker than water' but is the same true for the blue-blooded british Royal Family?
    A Prince mocked over his stammer, the Heir falls out with the 'Spare', public tensions between the Queen's four children and fractious times for the young Princes.

  • The Royal View: The Power of a Princess

    New and exclusive to True Royalty.
    Three Windsor women who have all used their power to change the Palace: The Queen, Diana and Meghan have all shaped and restyled the Royal Family.
    All three have left an indelible mark as they seized the opportunity to use their Royal titles to better the world....

  • The Royal View: Blood on Their Hands

    An exclusive talkshow from True Royalty.
    What part does the Press play in the lives of the Royals?
    Do they make life a misery or does the Crown need the Press more than they might care to admit?
    Heated debate with those in the Royal know. 

  • The Royal View: The Palace Puppet Masters

    For years they were the suits in the shadows. The unseen force conspiring to influence the press and public in favour of the Royals.
    But who were the men behind the Monarch? And who now pulls the Royal strings?

  • The Royal View: In-Laws and Outlaws

    New and exclusive to True Royalty.
    From a King who deserted his country to In-laws selling stories to the press; you can choose your friends but not your family even when you are the Queen of England.
    Very lively debate.