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Watch this video and more on True Royalty TV

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother: A Woman of Her Century



  • The Queen Mother - An Affectionate Tr...

    As old as the century she lived in, the Queen Mother was a revered figure in British life. A symbol of courage in the Second World War and an enduring icon of stability, the Queen Mother attracted a loyalty of affection matched only by the Queen herself. This remarkable portrait digs beneath the ...

  • The King Who Saved the Crown

    The King Who Saved The Crown is the story of Bertie, the Duke of York, in many ways the unlikeliest of Kings. But while cripplingly shy, he was also loyal, honourable, reliable and above all dutiful, many of the qualities that his elder brother Edward lacked. With the help of his gifted wife, Eli...

  • The Real King's Speech

    King George VI suffered from a debilitating speech impediment. Behind the scenes he was helped by Lionel Logue an innovative Australian speech therapist.

    For the first time Logue’s former patients who were treated alongside the King will reveal his methods…. And using his iconic speeches we wil...

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