• Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon: Mother of the House

    The Queen Mother was one of the royal family's most famous members and helped stabilise the monarchy's popularity. She had seen off the Luftwaffe and Adolf Hitler. She represented not only a country and an empire, but a century of human history.

  • The Queen Mother's Blitz

    The Queen Mother's personality and determination made a remarkable difference to the war effort as did her fight to improve the British people's morale during the second world war. Her insistence that the royal family remain in London was so much more than a reassuring statement.

  • Her Majesty The Queen Mother

    The story of the extraordinary woman behind the Throne whose life spanned a century.
    Her talent was the remarkable ability to reach ordinary people and inspire a great love.

  • Margaret: Rebel Without A Crown

    One of the most photographed women of her day, Princess Margaret lived her life according to her own rules.

  • The Windsors at War - Leading By Example

    Prince Andrew talks frankly about serving his country in the Falklands conflict and what it’s like to face your own mortality.
    Prince Edward’s decision to leave his Royal Marine training is examined.

  • A Century of The Queen Mother: 100 years in 100 minutes

    This remarkable portrait digs beneath the surface and presents a balanced account of the life of a powerful and exceptional woman. Containing incredible post war footage of victory in europe in which she had as much a hand as her husband, the South African tour with the young princesses and the ...

  • A Queen is Crowned

    This Oscar-nominated color documentary brings to life the pomp and ceremony of Elizabeth II's coronation.

    Narrated by Laurence Olivier.