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  • Chasing the Royals: The Media & the Monarchy

    The Royal relationship with the media has been turbulent to say the least. Do the Royal Family need the press more than they would care to admit or would the Palace prefer to cut all ties?

  • The New Royals

    The Young Royals have reclaimed the front pages but is this a blessing or a curse? More controversially are some Royals even starting to exploit their celebrity status for commercial gain?

  • Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor

    Wife, mother and Duchess: Kate Middleton's rapid journey from working class to Windsor has seen her become the subject of international intrigue and fascination.

    We document her incredible transformation and delve into the often undisclosed and much sought after history of the mother of the futu...

  • The Royal View: Blood on Their Hands

    An exclusive talkshow from True Royalty.
    What part does the Press play in the lives of the Royals?
    Do they make life a misery or does the Crown need the Press more than they might care to admit?
    Heated debate with those in the Royal know. 

  • Prince William & Prince Harry : Prisoners of Celebrity

    The brothers' private lives are now very much public property. But with their every move, both positive and negative, subject to relentless media scrutiny, have William and Harry, like their mother Diana, become prisoners of their own celebrity?

  • Royal Funerals

    From the opulent renaissance funeral of Elizabeth I to the tabloid headlines of Diana’s modern tragedy, funerals are the ultimate salute and homage to the last King or Queen and a celebration of the new one who has ascended. “The king is dead! Long live the King.”

  • King Charles and Queen Camilla Into The Unknown

    The marriage of Charles and Camilla has always been shrouded in controversy, but is the British public finally showing acceptance of - and even affection for - the woman who seems increasingly likely to become its next Queen?

  • Royal Holiday Homes

    On the slopes in Lech with Diana and her boys via a grown-up Harry in the Caribbean, 'Royal Holiday Homes' follows in the snowy, sandy footsteps of the most stylish Royal vacationers. We also join The Queen on the Royal Yacht Britannia which comes with that most important of boat facilities; some...

  • Prince William: Royal Teenager Behind the Headlines

    Who is the real person behind the photogenic Royal icon? This probing and fascinating documentary special explores the person beyond the public image.

    This is the story of a young man whose face is exposed on magazine covers and in tabloids; a face without a place to hide, who most private expre...