Tales From The Tower

Tales From The Tower

3 Episodes

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Tales From The Tower
  • Tales from the Tower: The Deadly Crown

    Episode 1

    At the heart of the City of London lies the Tower of London. Within these stone walls lies another world: a dark past full of diabolical treachery and deadly ambition.

  • Tales From the Tower: The Vengeful Tower

    Episode 2

    Discover the events that have taken place within the 1,000 year old Tower of London and the tragic and heroic characters that have passed through the gates and shaped the destiny of the United Kingdom.

  • Tales from the Tower: Spies & Traitors

    Episode 3

    The tower of London is an imposing stronghold that has been part of London's royal heritage for more than 1,000 years. It has changed roles, from fortress to palace to prison. If the stones of this mighty citadel could talk imagine what stories they could tell.