• Serving the Royals

    From footmen and butlers to bodyguards, nannies and private secretaries, this film tells the stories of the British Royal family’s long-suffering servants. Round the clock they toil, often thanklessly, to keep the monarchy humming. While they’re sworn to secrecy some have betrayed their masters...


    1 season

  • Secrets of the Royal Servants

    What really goes on below the stairs of the Royal Palaces. Secrets of the Royal Servants.


    20 videos

  • The Royal Inner Circle

    Very few of us will ever get as close to the Royal family as a handful of Royal retainers who form the vital 'inner circle'. From bodyguards to butlers and press officers to dressers, these are the select few who have achieved the rare status of confidante.

  • Cameraman to The Queen

    Peter Wilkinson has had unprecedented Royal access for nearly 20 years, capturing state events and personal moments alike while at The Queen's side.

  • Britain’s Poshest Nannies

    For over a century the British Royal family has hired Norland nannies to take care of their little future Kings and Queens and that includes Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

    Norland College has been training Mary Poppins-style perfect nannies since 1892. Dressed in their dist...

  • All The Queen's Men

    Join the Royal Family and the British armed forces in an ancient demonstration of loyalty to the Monarch. This extraordinary extravaganza celebrates the best of British all in the shadow of Windsor Castle. A sight to behold.

  • At Her Majesty's Service: Inveraray and Holyroodhouse Holyroodhouse

    In Scotland, Penelope Keith visits Royal residences Inveraray and Holyroodhouse even entering the bedchamber of Mary, Queen of Scots and meeting none other than The Queen's Royal Falconer.

  • At Her Majesty's Service: Windsor

    Presented by Penelope Keith, At Her Majesty's Service takes a fascinating look behind the scenes of the Queen's official Royal residences beginning with Her Majesty's beloved Windsor Castle.

  • At Her Majesty's Service: Hillsborough Castle

    In Northern Ireland, Penelope Keith uncovers an unexpected treasure dating back to the Coronation at the magnificent Hillsborough Castle.

  • At Her Majesty's Service: Caernarfon Castle

    On the final leg of her journey around Royal Britain, Penelope Keith visits the stunning Caernarfon Castle in Wales which astonishingly dates back to 1088. She also meets some rather special dogs!