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  • Fashion Icon: Diana, Princess of Wales

    Diana, Princess of Wales was one of the most photographed women in the world, and her unique style was copied by women everywhere.

  • Diana: A Model Princess

    A fascinating insight into the creation of Princess Diana's fashion style, from pie-crust collars to Versace and vintage Givenchy. We meet the visionaries who helped her establish her personal 'brand' and follow her transformation into the world's best-dressed Royal, spanning ten whirlwind years...

  • Princess Diana: The Evolution of a Fashion Icon

    From the demure and shy Lady Diana Spencer who was engaged to be married to The Prince of Wales to the independent, free-spirited, dazzling Princess of Wales who became one of the world's greatest international style icons.
    This is the story of her fashion evolution.

  • Diana: My Life as a Princess

    When twenty one year old Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in 1981 watched by 750 million people worldwide after a string of unsuitable girlfriends, the public thought that they had finally found their happy ending.
    It was not long, however, before the cracks began to show as they embarke...

  • Diana: Memorial

    Princess Diana touched the lives of millions of people, and six years after her death a memorial garden and fountain were built in her memory, to symbolise her open and giving nature.

  • Diana Everlasting

    Diana, Princess of Wales, was an extraordinary figure. Her effortless elegance, her ability to relate to the common person, and her devotion as a mother led to her becoming one of the most adored public figures in history. She helped to break down barriers between the British Royal Family and eve...

  • Diana: Queen of Hearts

    After her tragic and untimely death, Princess Diana left a legacy in her charities and causes.
    Remembered here by her closest friends as loyal, steadfast and having an incredible level of compassion and remarkable intuition.

  • Diana: Icon

    Perhaps the most photographed woman on the planet, Diana, Princess of Wales lived a short, tumultuous life in which she was revered by the public for her charity work and hounded, literally to death, by the paparazzi.

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