• Royal Inquest: Royal Bloodbath

    In Nepal, the King is considered a god. But when a shocking massacre at a royal family banquet kills the King, Queen, and several other family members, the Nepalese royals are revealed to be all-too-human. Officials claim that the Crown Prince murdered his family, and then killed himself. But the...

  • Royal Inquest: The King Who Killed

    King Juan Carlos of Spain was one of the most popular kings in the world; but few know of the shocking tragedy that haunts his youth. At age 15, Juan Carlos’s younger brother Alfonso died of a gunshot wound to the head in the family home. His death was officially ruled an accident – but questions...

  • Her Name Was Grace Kelly

    For the first time, the Grimaldi family has given access to its private archives, much of which has never been made public before, and agreed to talk us through this intimate material.

  • Royal Inquest: Grace Under Fire

    When Princess Grace of Monaco and her daughter, Princess Stephanie, suffered a horrible car accident on the French Riviera, the crash captured the attention of the world. But Grace’s sudden death a day after the Palace claimed she only suffered broken bones made people suspicious of the true stor...

  • Royal Inquest: Remains Of The Romanovs

    In 1918, the Soviets executed the Romanovs; the Russian royal family. But although the Soviets claim the whole family was killed, serious questions remain about the deaths. Did the entire family die, as the Soviets claim? Or did one or more of the Russian royals escape? And can a team of forensic...

  • Royal Inquest: Princely Trafficking

    The Princes of the Saudi Royal Family are among the wealthiest and most powerful royals in the world. When DEA Agents suspected that a Saudi Prince might be involved in an international drug deal involving two tons of cocaine, they discovered that the wealth and power of the Saudi Royals extends ...

  • Leap of Faith: Bahrain Welcomes the Pope

    In November 2022, by invitation of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Pope Francis made an Apostolic journey to the Kingdom of Bahrain: a historic first papal visit to the island nation.


    1 season

  • The Rise and Fall of Versailles

    1 season

    A three-part study of the opulent French royal palace through the tumultuous and ultimately tragic reigns of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI.

  • The Rise and Fall of The Spanish King

    The King, his wife, his lover and a spectacular fall from grace.
    Once the young hero who reclaimed the Spanish monarchy and won the hearts of his people, Juan Carlos was forced to relinquish his throne in 2014 and leave his own country in 2020 followed by allegations of money-laundering, corrupt...

  • Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich. Episode 2

    In this episode of 'Inside Monaco' the Casino de Monte Carlo holds an exclusive event for high rollers. The titled and the moneyed all turn out in force.

  • Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich. Episode 3

    An exclusive invitation to the famous Red Cross Ball hosted by Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. All of the glamorous high society of Monaco arrive for the event.

  • Inside Monaco:Playground of the Rich. Episode 1

    In the principality of Monaco one in three of it's residents are millionaires and amongst it's glamorous property none is more spectacular that the grand Royal Palace of Prince Albert.

  • Rome: Empire Without Limit

    1 season

    What made the Romans special, and why were they able to build empires at such a large scale?

  • Julius Caesar Revealed

    Julius Caesar is the most famous Roman of them all: brutal conqueror, dictator and victim of a gruesome assassination on the Ides of March 44 BC.

  • Caligula

    How true are the extraordinary stories told about Caligula: The Tyrant of Rome?

  • Viking Empires

    1 season

    An exciting new perspective on the Vikings explores the surprising modern relevance of the the infamous medieval warrior race.

  • Cooking For The Crown

    1 season

    Chef Christian Bauer visits Asia’s Royal Families to learn and reinterpret their favourite dishes.