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Royal Inquest: Hunted Royal



  • Royal Inquest: Royal Bloodbath

    In Nepal, the King is considered a god. But when a shocking massacre at a royal family banquet kills the King, Queen, and several other family members, the Nepalese royals are revealed to be all-too-human. Officials claim that the Crown Prince murdered his family, and then killed himself. But the...

  • Royal Inquest: Remains Of The Romanovs

    In 1918, the Soviets executed the Romanovs; the Russian royal family. But although the Soviets claim the whole family was killed, serious questions remain about the deaths. Did the entire family die, as the Soviets claim? Or did one or more of the Russian royals escape? And can a team of forensic...

  • Royal Inquest: Princely Trafficking

    The Princes of the Saudi Royal Family are among the wealthiest and most powerful royals in the world. When DEA Agents suspected that a Saudi Prince might be involved in an international drug deal involving two tons of cocaine, they discovered that the wealth and power of the Saudi Royals extends ...