Watch this video and more on True Royalty TV

Watch this video and more on True Royalty TV

Duchess in Hull



  • Highgrove: Prince Charles at Home

    In a remarkably informal and candid interview, the Prince of Wales takes us on a private tour of his beloved gardens and house at Highgrove, his own personal retreat - and the home in which his sons grew up.

  • The Duchess on the Estate: Episode 1

    On her last television outing to Hull in the north of England, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson realised that the problems facing estates across so-called 'broken Britain' are far more than just obesity. So she's decided to spend a week living across the Pennines in Manchester's sprawling Wythensh...

  • The Duchess on the Estate

    The Duchess thinks she has a solution; a community centre that will bring young and old together. And she’s got a novel way of how to achieve it, by bringing the mums together on the estate. But in the face of apathy, resistance and extreme intimidation, can the Duchess get the locals to come tog...