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  • Prince William's Africa

    With unprecedented access, our cameras observe the Prince, both in private and in public, as he embarks on an official visit to Botswana on behalf of the Tusk Trust, the African wildlife conservation charity of which Prince William is Royal Patron. Beautifully shot against the backdrop of Africa’...

  • Royal Windsor's Big Week

    Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the Royal Windsor Horse Show‚ an event that is always in the Queen's private diary. We meet her off-duty and in her own private grounds at Windsor Castle in this fascinating documentary. Follow the team behind the Show as they attempt to put on the perfect ev...

  • Prince Charles: The Royal Restoration

    Dumfries House, one of Scotland's most important stately homes, had fallen on hard times. So Prince Charles put his hand in his own pocket to regenerate not only the beautiful house but also its surroundings: East Ayrshire, one of the most economically deprived areas of Scotland. The Prince of Wa...

  • Secrets of the Royal Nursery

    Royal babies are the most closely guarded jewels in the Royal Crown, but what exactly is life like for the littlest Royals? Where are the titled toddlers born, what do they wear, how will the nursery be decorated? Perhaps most importantly, is Nanny really as fearsome as all that? All these and mo...

  • Prince William's Passion

    Following in the footsteps of his Grandmother and his Mother, the Duke of Cambridge champions the people and the wildlife of the continent that have long held a special place in the hearts of the Royals. A moving and deeply personal interview with new father Prince William as he discusses his pa...

  • When Ant and Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years of the Princes Trust

    A chance to see a very different side to Prince Charles through his passion for the charity he founded over 40 years ago. This is the light-hearted Prince who loves nothing more than to spend time with the young people whose lives he hopes to change.

  • All The Queens Horses

    Since 1943 the Royal Family has annually hosted the Royal Windsor Horse Show in Windsor Home Park. It used to be the Royal Windsor Horse and Dog Show until a naughty lurcher stole George VI's lunch. Since then dogs have been canes non gratis! After acceding to the throne, Her Majesty the Queen ha...

  • Duchess in Hull

    The Duchess of York travels to the poverty impacted city of Hull to meet a family living on social security that desperately need her help. Can she change the lives of this family that struggle daily to live on the breadline?

  • Duchess in Hull

    The Duchess of York continues her quest to help a struggling family on a run down estate in Hull, northern England. Is it possible to live a happy, healthy life on a less than royal budget?

  • Highgrove: Prince Charles at Home

    In a remarkably informal and candid interview, the Prince of Wales takes us on a private tour of his beloved gardens and house at Highgrove, his own personal retreat - and the home in which his sons grew up.

  • The Duchess on the Estate: Episode 1

    On her last television outing to Hull in the north of England, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson realised that the problems facing estates across so-called 'broken Britain' are far more than just obesity. So she's decided to spend a week living across the Pennines in Manchester's sprawling Wythensh...

  • The Duchess on the Estate: Episode 2

    The Duchess thinks she has a solution; a community centre that will bring young and old together. And she’s got a novel way of how to achieve it, by bringing the mums together on the estate. But in the face of apathy, resistance and extreme intimidation, can the Duchess get the locals to come tog...