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Watch this video and more on True Royalty TV

Royal Inquest: Mountbatten



  • Royal Inquest: Palace Timebomb

    When police arrested the late Princess Diana’s most trusted servant, butler Paul Burrell, for stealing over 350 items from her estate, all of Britain becomes entranced with his sensational trial. Diana called Burrell “my rock” – but is this beloved royal servant nothing but an opportunistic thief...

  • Royal Inquest: Grace Under Fire

    When Princess Grace of Monaco and her daughter, Princess Stephanie, suffered a horrible car accident on the French Riviera, the crash captured the attention of the world. But Grace’s sudden death a day after the Palace claims she only suffered broken bones makes people suspiciousof the true story...

  • Royal Inquest: The King Who Killed

    King Juan Carlos of Spain is one of the most popular Kings in the world. But few know of the shocking tragedy that haunts his youth. At age 15, Juan Carlos’s younger brother Alfonso died of a gunshot wound to the head in the family home. His death was officially ruled an accident – but questions ...