3 Episodes

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  • Royal India: Banquets

    Episode 1

    In Jaipur Samira visits a 300 year old fort and its very royal owner who regales her with the colourful tales of his ancestors and their history before meeting a young royal who is more than happy to roll up his sleeves and cook Samira a classic hunting dish.

  • Royal India: The Maharaja of Jodphur

    Episode 2

    In the remarkable  Blue City of Jodphur Samira is the guest of the Maharaja at his magnificent royal art deco palace before cooking some truly fabulous food with the Royal personal chef.

  • Royal India: The Princess

    Episode 3

    A unique opportunity to meet the stunning Princess Diya Kumari, in her own private palace to which no cameras have been invited before. As if that weren't enough the Princess then takes Samira to her 'other' magnificent palace where illustrious guest such as Jackie Kennedy once stayed.