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Private Lives of the Tudors: The Wives of Henry VIII



  • Life in Victorian Times

    The Victorian era was one of the most remarkable in British history, seeing huge advances in medicine and education alongside the birth of the Empire. It was also a time when harsh working conditions and desperate poverty blighted the lives of the majority of the people in the country. It is inte...

  • The English Civil War: Shadow of The ...

    The execution of King Charles in January 1649 was not the final chapter in one of Britain's most tragic stories. If the people of the British Isles imagined a new era of peace and stability, they were to be sorely disappointed.

  • The English Civil War: To Kill a King

    The Battle of Naseby in June 1645 was followed by almost three years of hard and bitter fighting. After the calamitous Royalist defeat, the determination that had sustained the King's cause thus far had all but disappeared. Only the Royalist cavalry had escaped from Naseby; the remainder of the K...