5 seasons

  • The English Civil War: Shadow of The Scaffold

    The execution of King Charles in January 1649 was not the final chapter in one of Britain's most tragic stories. If the people of the British Isles imagined a new era of peace and stability, they were to be sorely disappointed.

  • The English Civil War: A People Divided

    On a freezing January day in 1649, the executioner’s axe ended the reign and the life of King Charles I. It was the final melancholy episode in one of England’s saddest stories. Sent to his death by a Parliament weary of his duplicity, the King met his end with dignity and courage. Behind him he ...

  • Blenheim Part One: The March to the Danube

    On a bright summer morning 300 years ago, a battle took place in a field in southern Germany that stopped Louis XIV and his French army from taking over Europe.

  • Blenheim Part Two: The Battle

    300 years ago, a battle took place in these German fields - a battle that few remember today - but in which British troops played a vital role. It was a fight which would determine the fate of Europe.

  • The First Windsors

    In 1917 with British casualties mounting on the battlefields of France, and anti-German sentiment on the rise at home, King George V together with his powerful wife was forced to change the Royal Family name to Windsor and a new dynasty was born.

    Proud to be king of 'a wonderful people' the fir...