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  • Princes and their Girlfriends

    A brief romp through the private lives of Princes William and Harry and their pre-marital dating adventures.

  • Princess Margaret: Her Real Life Story

    A striking society beauty with her own ‘court’ of actors, playboys and bohemians. This intimate biography explores the reality behind the myth of the Queen's younger sister – Princess Margaret.

    Prevented from marrying her first love, Peter Townsend in the name of duty, Princess Margaret’s life ...

  • Last Party at the Palace

    This impeccably turned-out documentary takes a fascinating look at one of Great Britain's most eccentric class-driven traditions; the Débutante system. Paraded in front of the Monarch before 'coming out' to seek a suitable husband, these young girls were the cream of society. The very last 'debs'...

  • From Hellraiser to Husband: The Life of Prince Harry

    When Harry turned 30 in 2014, he inherited around £10 million from his mother's estate - making him officially the most eligible bachelor in the world. Prince Harry has been playboy, soldier, sportsman, humanitarian and adventurer. We bring you the journey that led the Prince to the woman who wou...

  • The Making Of A Queen

    The story of an extraordinary sixteen months in British history. When King George VI died unexpectedly in February, his eldest daughter, Princess Elizabeth - just 25 years old - was thrust into the limelight, and overnight became the most famous woman in the world: the Queen of England.

  • How to Nab a Prince

    In celebration of Royal Weddings, an indispensable guide for all those girls out there who have ever dreamed of being a princess. Royal experts and celebrity faces give us their top tips for landing a Royal because if you get it wrong then you can wave regally goodbye to a Happy Ending.

  • How to Marry a Prince

    Found your Prince? Well played. Now to seal the deal. Like a trusted courtier with a twinkle in the eye, this show holds your hand and guides you through the crystal-encrusted maze.

  • How to Hold on to a Prince

    While ‘for richer, for poorer’ isn’t usually a concern for the modern Princess, there’s definitely a ‘for better' and a ‘for worse’ way of handling the pressure. Here's our guide to a 'Happy Ever After'.