Watch this video and more on True Royalty TV

Watch this video and more on True Royalty TV

The Royal View: In-Laws and Outlaws



  • Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother: A...

    Elizabeth Bowes Lyon was born in Scotland at the end of the Victorian era. When she died in 2002 aged 102 her remarkable life had spanned the entire twentieth century, and as Queen, mother and Royal great-grandmother she became a cornerstone of the British monarchy.

    This one hour portrait rememb...

  • Royal Recipes: Royal Consorts

    The dishes on show include a favourite of Princess Diana cooked by her former chef Carolyn Robb, a chocolate soufflé said to be enjoyed by Prince Philip and an extravagant first course named after Queen Victoria's beloved husband Albert. All taste just as wonderful today.

  • Portraits of Marie Antoinette - Part 2

    A fascinating look at one of the people closest to the tragic queen through her final hours.

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