Watch this video and more on True Royalty TV

Watch this video and more on True Royalty TV

Britain’s Poshest Nannies



  • Royal Babies

    With the new Royal baby arriving at any moment, there couldn't be a better time to look at how British Royals bring up their babies. We explore how Royal babies have been brought up in the past and how the Royals' approach to parenthood has changed with the times.

  • Secrets of the Royal Nursery

    Royal babies are the most closely guarded jewels in the Royal Crown, but what exactly is life like for the littlest Royals? Where are the titled toddlers born, what do they wear, how will the nursery be decorated? Perhaps most importantly, is Nanny really as fearsome as all that? All these and mo...

  • Prince George at One

    A charming look back at the first year of England's future King, undeniably adorable and born into the most extraordinary family in the world. We draw back the curtain to reveal a unique insight into the life of Prince George.