Royal Autopsy

Royal Autopsy

2 Seasons

Royal Autopsy investigates the cause of death of two of Britain’s most famous monarchs: King Charles II and Queen Elizabeth I, in an entirely new and realistic way. Professor Alice Roberts will bring together a blend of historical and medical expertise and by using contemporaneous accounts and documents, piece together how and why these monarchs died.

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Royal Autopsy
  • Royal Autopsy: Mary I. Bloody Mary

    Episode 1

    Professor Alice Roberts explores the death of the infamous Bloody Mary, who experienced phantom pregnancies in her desperation for a child and heir.

  • Royal Autopsy: George IV. The Party King

    Episode 2

    Professor Alice Roberts dives into the facts surrounding the death of King George IV, looking to shed startling new light on his final few days.

  • Royal Autopsy: Anne. The Forgotten Queen

    Episode 3

    Professor Alice Roberts delves into the life and death of Anne, Queen of England from 1702-1714, who shockingly endured 17 failed pregnancies.

  • Royal Autopsy: Henry IV. The Usurper

    Episode 4

    Best known for usurping and murdering his cousin, Henry IV suffered from a mysterious debilitating skin condition during the later years of his reign.