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  • Elizabeth I, Killer Queen

    Did a controversial affair between Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley lead to a savage murder? We explore remarkable new evidence suggesting that Dudley’s wife, Amy Robsart was assassinated, so that her husband could be free to marry the Queen.

  • The Gunpowder Plot

    Guy Fawkes’ plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill the King will live forever as one of history’s most audacious acts of treason. After an eleventh hour tip-off, the plotters were discovered, tortured and executed. Superb recreations and reconstructions tell the full dramatic story.

  • She Wolves: Matilda and Eleanor

    800 years ago Matilda came within a hair's breadth of being the first woman to be crowned Queen of England in her own right. In this programme historian Helen Castor explores how Matilda reached this point and why her bid for the throne ultimately failed.

  • She Wolves: Isabella and Margaret

    In 1308, a 12-year-old girl, Isabella of France became Queen of England when she married the English King. A century later another young French girl Margaret of Anjou followed in her footsteps. Both these women were thrust into a violent and dysfunctional England and both felt driven to take cont...

  • She Wolves: Jane, Mary and Elizabeth

    Historian Helen Castor explores what happened when England was faced not just with inadequate Kings, but no Kings at all. In 1553 for the first time in English history, all the contenders for the crown were female. In the lives of these three Tudor Queens, Jane, Mary and Elizabeth, Helen Castor e...

  • The Legends Of King Arthur: King Arthur

    Never has there been a figure so magnetic as King Arthur. The age in which this mysterious King supposedly lived is poorly documented, so in the absence of hard proof, history and fantasy become intertwined. What is myth and what is reality? Travel with us into a lost world of mysterious magician...

  • The Legends Of King Arthur: Camelot

    The popular view is that Camelot was the centre of King Arthur's realm, where his Knights of the Round Table enforced justice and fairness. But did this mystical court ever actually exist?

  • The Legends Of King Arthur: Merlin

    It is impossible to think of King Arthur without his chief advisor and wizard, Merlin. Initially it would appear that Merlin belongs completely in the land of myth and back again. However there is more evidence to support the existence of Merlin than of Arthur.

  • The Elizabethan War on Terror

    This is the story of England’s greatest spy who pioneered covert espionage techniques to foil a terror plot to murder Elizabeth I, and to engineer the execution of Mary Queen of Scots.

    In a gripping day-by-day account of the action, using dramatised scenes and location interviews with top histor...