True Royalty brings you a collection of our most popular shows from 1000 years of Monarchy.

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  • Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen

    Combining remarkable footage and expert interviews, this authoritative special presents the true story of Kate Middleton, the seemingly ordinary young woman now destined to be Queen of England.
    From comparatively modest circumstances, the Middleton family could not be more different from the roy...

  • A Tale Of Two Sisters: Elizabeth II And Margaret

    It has been said that no two sisters were ever less alike. One reserved and proper. The other lively and controversial. One the anchor of a commonwealth of nations. The other searching for purpose in life. Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret are among the most photographed women in history. ...

  • Harry and Meghan: A New Royal Life

    As the world celebrated the birth of Archie Windsor, speculation began on in which direction the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would choose to take their new young family.

  • Royal Inquest: Mountbatten

    Lord Louis Mountbatten, Earl of Burma was one of the most prominent members of Britain’s Royal Family. Uncle to Prince Philip and cousin to the Queen, Mountbatten was also a renowned war hero, and the beloved mentor of Prince Charles. When he was shockingly killed in a mysterious explosion on bo...

  • The Kings and Queens of England: The Tudors

    From the ashes of the War of the Roses grew the mighty House of Tudor. Founded by Henry Tudor, the dynasty produced some of our most notorious Monarchs; from the infamous tyrant that was Henry VIII to Bloody Mary and her horrific campaign against the protestants culminating in the shining reign ...

  • King Charles and Queen Camilla: Into The Unknown

    The marriage of Charles and Camilla has always been shrouded in controversy, but is the British public finally showing acceptance of - and even affection for - the woman who seems increasingly likely to become its next Queen?