• The Royal Beat - Episode 10. Andrew: The Fallen Prince

    01/21/2022 - The Royal Beat takes a deep dive into Prince Andrew's fall from grace. We discuss how his legal position has gone from bad to worse, and look at the royal family's decision to publicly distance themselves. Plus we look back through Andrew's story, asking how it all went so wrong for ...

  • Prince Philip: An Extraordinary Life

    Prince Philip: 1921 - 2021

  • Before they Were Royal: Princess Alice

    A great grand-daughter to Queen Victoria, Prince Philip's mother was born at Windsor Castle before her lifetime struggling with deafness, schizophrenia and exile.

  • Queen Elizabeth: The Unlikely Queen

    Her Majesty has seen the world change drastically during her time as Queen. Her inscrutable commitment to duty has defined her lifetime of service to the Crown and lifetime of service to God. But Elizabeth was never meant to be Queen.

  • Diana - Her Last Summer

    In the last summer of her life Diana seemed to be moving towards a new life with a new relationship and a determination to continue her work.

  • The Royal Beat - Episode 9. 2022: A Historic Royal Year Ahead

    01/06/2022 - This week's Royal Beat looks ahead to 2022! From the Cambridges turning 40 to Prince Andrew's ongoing trial, the Jubilee celebrations to Harry's book, the stage is set for a historic, headline-generating year.

  • Before They Were Royal: Camilla

    The colourful story of the woman for whom Charles risked everything but what of the early life of the potential future Queen consort?

  • When The Middletons Met The Monarchy

    The struggle to integrate when marrying into the royal family appears to have been handled with dignity and respect by Catherine and the Middletons.

  • Kate: A Young Queen in Waiting

    An extraordinary new documentary examines the rise and rise of the Duchess of Cambridge. Featuring never before seen footage of her work during the pandemic.

  • Before They Were Royal: Wallis Simpson

    A profile of the young woman who was to change the course of the Royal family. Was she the scheming seductress or a clever, well-meaning woman who was simply unlucky in love?