• The Royal Beat: On The Mend

    On this weeks episode of The Royal Beat we get an update on the health of the King and the Princess of Wales as they both recover from surgery who which surprising royal is stepping up in their place.

    Host Kate Thornton is joined by Vanity Fair’s royal editor, Katie Nicholl, The Sun’s royal edi...

  • The Royal Beat - Back In Time: Elizabeth I and the Thomas Seymour Scandal

    The story of sex, love, politics and power that almost brought down the teenage Elizabeth Tudor, a decade before she came to the throne.

    The young princess and her step-father, Thomas Seymour, were intertwined in a scandal that led to his downfall and shaped the Virgin Queen she would become.

  • Secrets of the Royal Estates: Frogmore

    With a history overshadowed by its tenants: it’s been branded a “residence of royal rejects” and an “outpost for the outcasts”; in this special we discover who lived there before Harry and Meghan. Who’s next to move in? And how did the convention busting couple choose to transform this historic h...

  • The New Princess of Wales

    With the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II comes a newly appointed Princess of Wales. From one of the people to the future Queen consort, Kate Middleton tackles the pressures of her new found royal life with William, Prince of Wales.

  • Prince Andrew: Scandal in the House of York

    An examination of the scandals that have beset Prince Andrew, Duke of York and his family, with special focus on his controversial friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, and how it compares to the previous Dukes of York.

  • The Game of Crowns: The Victorians

    Delve into a world of dynasties, blood feuds and civil war, where brother battles brother, uncle kills nephew, and cousin executes cousin in the race to decide who wears the bloodstained crown of England.

  • Queen Victoria: Young Princess, Young Queen

    From a troubled childhood of control and power, to a reign that lasted 63 years and changed the face of the world - Queen Victoria is indeed a queen who owned the 19th century.

  • King Charles III: The Great Journey

    On the 8th of September 2022, at the exact moment of his mother's death, the Prince of Wales became King Charles III. The extraordinary reign of Queen Elizabeth II ended, and the day he had spent a lifetime preparing for had arrived.

  • The Royal Beat: Concerns for Catherine

    (01/19/2024) On this week's episode of The Royal Beat our panel discuss the shock news of both the King and Princess of Wales requiring medical attention in hospital.

    Our expert guests reflect on new details revealed about the final moments before the late Queen's death in a brand new royal boo...

  • Coronation Tailors: Fit for a King

    The Great British Sewing Bee’s Patrick Grant goes behind the scenes at the family business creating thousands of bespoke ceremonial uniforms in time for the coronation.