• The Royal Inner Circle

    Very few of us will ever get as close to the Royal family as a handful of Royal retainers who form the vital 'inner circle'. From bodyguards to butlers and press officers to dressers, these are the select few who have achieved the rare status of confidante.

  • The Secret Photos of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor

    The intimate love story of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson as it's never been seen before. The secret, moving and often surprising tale of the most glamorous exiles in the world is told through a unique collection of photographs, offering new insight into the romance between the King and 'the divo...

  • Neuschwanstein Castle

    Know as the 'Disney' Castle and Walt's inspiration, Neuschwanstein Castle was the brainchild of 'Mad Ludwig of Bavaria' who never lived to see it completed.

  • Diana: In Her Own words

    A brand new show created using archive to illustrate the astounding impact that Diana had on the world.A brand new show created using archive to illustrate the astounding impact that Diana had on the world.

  • The Royal View: The Palace Puppet Masters

    For years they were the suits in the shadows. The unseen force conspiring to influence the press and public in favour of the Royals.
    But who were the men behind the Monarch? And who now pulls the Royal strings?

  • The Royal Beat. The Diana Statue Unveiling

    On this week's The Royal Beat, reactions to the Diana statue, and Harry and William's reunion

  • Kensington Palace

    Kensington Palace remains a residence for today's modern Royals and is full to the rafters of treasures, secrets and ghosts.
    If you would like to experience life as a Royal you can even hire the Palace for the day!

  • Diana: A Mother's love

    There is no doubt that Diana left a lasting impression on the centuries old institution that is the Royal Family. Perhaps the most remarkable impact was the way in which she changed royal parenting for ever.

  • Schonbrunn Palace

    For 350 years the main summer residence of Austria's imperial family, Schonbrunn is a rococo behemoth of 1,441 rooms. It was famously the home of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria who was assassinated in 1898 and often compared to Princess Diana for her beauty and iconic status.

  • Diana at 60

    A brand new show created using archive to illustrate the astounding impact that Diana had on the world.

  • Hampton Court Palace

    The baroque Hampton Court Palace has royal history coursing through it's walls. The home of Henry VIII, the birthplace of the Church of England and home of the largest extant 16th century kitchens in the World, it also takes approximately 20 minutes to navigate the oldest hedge maze in the world.

  • The Royal Palace of Caserta

    This gigantic structure remains the largest palace in the world at over 2 million cubic metres. Built for the Kings of Naples and even housing its' own silk factory, Caserta is now a Unesco World Heritage site.

  • The Balkan Royals

    An intimate portrait of the last surviving Balkan monarchs in their own words. With rare archive footage and first hand testimonies we learn how the monarchs of Bulgaria, Montenegro and Romania have survived their tumultuous history to remain an essential part of their respective countries' natio...

  • The Real Camilla: HRH The Duchess of Cornwall

    The Duchess of Cornwall gives unprecedented access to her life throughout her 70th year. We follow Camilla through a year of seismic change for the Royal family. At home: Intimate scenes in Clarence House decorating the Christmas Tree and welcoming old age pensioners for tea. In Scotland th...

  • The Royal Beat. Happy Birthday Camilla

    This week's The Royal Beat discusses whether the public is changing its opinion of Camilla, why Prince Charles doesn't want to give Edward the Duke of Edinburgh title, and the world's greatest palaces .

  • Great Lives: Bonnie Prince Charlie

    Charles Edward Stuart believed that the British Throne was his birthright and planned to invade with his Jacobite followers and remove the Hanoverian 'usurper' George II.