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  • Royal Recipes: Royal Visits

    Presenter Michael Buerk and chef Paul Ainsworth re-imagine a dish served at a royal banquet to a grumpy Persian potentate in the early years of the 20th century. Dr Annie Gray climbs aboard the royal train to discover the luxury in which past monarchs travelled, and chef Rob Kennedy recreates a d...

  • Royal Recipes: Royal Harvest

    Michael Buerk and chef Paul Ainsworth re-imagine an unusual dish served at Prince Charles' 50th birthday party. Dr Matt Green visits Dyrham near Bath to learn the history of deer parks, and former Royal chef Carolyn Robb recreates a favourite Royal pudding using British autumn fruit.

  • Royal Recipes: Royal Consorts

    The dishes on show include a favourite of Princess Diana cooked by her former chef Carolyn Robb, a chocolate soufflé said to be enjoyed by Prince Philip and an extravagant first course named after Queen Victoria's beloved husband Albert. All taste just as wonderful today.

  • Royal Recipes: Royal Haunts

    Anna creates a meat pudding that would have found favour with Bertie, Prince of Wales and his mistress Lillie Langtry; she also cooks up a mille-feuilles dessert from the recipe book of a Buckingham Palace kitchen maid, hidden in the Royal Archive for over a hundred years. Historian Dr Polly Russ...

  • Royal Recipes: Young Royals

    Presenter Michael Buerk and chef Anna Haugh bake the 16th century biscuits which originally celebrated the birth of a Prince of the Realm. Dr Matt Green visits Scotland to learn about happy holidays spent at the Queen Mother's childhood home, and former Royal chef Des Sweeney recreates a dish ins...

  • Royal Recipes: Extravagance

    Dr Polly Russell hears about a 16th century Royal lads' night out that bankrupted England, Michael Buerk and chef Paul Ainsworth recreate a dish served at one of the most lavish Royal banquets of all time and chef Michael Caines recreates a sumptuous dish he cooked for the Queen at Royal Ascot. N...

  • Royal Recipes: Country Pursuits

    A celebration of the food served to the Royal Family when in active, rustic mode. Anna prepares sausages made from pheasant, said to be the Queen's favourite game bird. The programme also follows Prince Charles' example and goes foraging for mushrooms.

  • Royal Recipes: War and Strife

    Presenter Michael Buerk and chef Paul Ainsworth recreate a royal dish that was a staple of wartime palace meals. We visit Britain's oldest brewery, which played an important role during a 17th century conflict, and chef Rob Kennedy remembers an extraordinary event to commemorate the queen's Diamo...

  • Royal Recipes: Party Food

    Chef Paul Ainsworth impresses presenter Michael Buerk with a dish from the Queen's 80th birthday dinner; former Royal chef Carolyn Robb recalls a special children's tea party and Dr Matt Green sips a Royal cocktail at London's Savoy Hotel.

  • Royal Recipes: Exotic Flavours

    Presenter Michael Buerk and chef Paul Ainsworth rustle up an exotic favourite pudding of Henry VIII. Cake-maker to the Royals, Mich Turner, recreates Prince Charles' sumptuous birthday cake, and food historian Dr Annie Gray discovers how the Royal appetite for one exotic fruit spawned a grand arc...

  • Royal Recipes: Birthdays

    Starting with the 80th birthday celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II, we visit some of Britain's finest stately homes to prepare food cooked for Royal birthdays. Anna tries the chocolatey treat said to be the Royal birthday cake; it was first made at Buckingham Palace for the Queen's grandmother a...

  • Royal Recipes: Pies and Puddings

    Michael Buerk and chef Anna Haugh knock up a fastidious Queen's favourite pie, historian Dr Polly Russell goes to Gloucester to trace the history of an ancient Royal delicacy and chef Cyrus Todiwala puts a Royal twist on a classic British pudding. You may require a brisk stroll afterwards.

  • Royal Recipes: Diplomatic Relations

    What did The Queen serve to President Obama? Michael is joined by chef Paul Ainsworth in one of Britain's grandest stately homes to showcase food served at the grandest Royal state banquets, as well as more informal meetings between the Queen and visiting world leaders. Paul cooks a dish inspired...

  • Royal Recipes: Pomp and Circumstance

    Presenter Michael Buerk and chef Anna Haugh sample a luxurious dish originally created for the 'Merry Monarch', Charles II. Wine expert Joe Fattorini meets the 8th generation of vintners to the Royals and we discover the extraordinary ingredients that went into one lavish dish at a royal banquet....

  • Royal Recipes: The Commonwealth

    Chef Paul Ainsworth is inspired by a dish served up to the Queen at a grand Commonwealth meeting in Malta, where she spent the early years of her marriage, and Anna cooks on board the Royal Yacht Britannia, the floating palace that has become an iconic symbol of the Commonwealth.

  • Royal Recipes: Sporting Pursuits

    Presenter Michael Buerk and chef Paul Ainsworth recreate the pudding served to the Olympic Committee during Britain's successful bid. Dr Annie Gray weighs anchor in Cowes to discover George V's passion for sailing, while former Royal chef Carolyn Robb remembers the meal she served a Prince recove...

  • Royal Recipes: Great British Bounty

    Presenter Michael Buerk and chef Paul Ainsworth discover a favourite dish of a 14th century king. Dr Matt Green discovers the rich culinary history of the Queen Mother's childhood home, and chef Galton Blackiston recalls a dish he created for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

  • Royal Recipes: On The Move

    Paul gets inspiration from Prince Philip's younger days when he crossed the Arctic and was served a meal of caribou venison. Meanwhile, Anna travels to Scotland to find out more about the cake the Queen is said to take with her wherever she is in the world, and Atul Kochhar creates a curried mutt...

  • Royal Recipes: Spice

    Michael Buerk and chef Anna Haugh set off down the Spice Road to recreate George V's favourite curry; historian Dr Polly Russell discovers how Britain's most famous swashbuckler, Sir Francis Drake, made a fortune for Queen and country. We go behind the scenes to learn the secrets of a famous cond...

  • Royal Recipes: Jubilee

    We meet some unusual 19th century ingredients used in a dish created for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. Anna brings the recipe right up to date and prepares a delicious chocolate dessert served at the present Queen's Diamond Jubilee and Michael unearths a pudding recipe created for a Royal Jub...

  • Royal Recipes: Afternoon Tea

    Michael Buerk is joined by chef Paul Ainsworth to look at food created for the Queen's favourite meal, afternoon tea. He also tries a recipe for Bath buns, which was discovered tucked into the recipe book of a Buckingham Palace kitchen maid in the early 20th century.

  • Royal Recipes: Weddings

    Anna is inspired by an Italian lamb dish served at the wedding of Queen Victoria's youngest daughter. Food historian Dr Annie Gray meets Fiona Cairns, the baker who created the official wedding cake for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The programme unearths a recipe that has been hidden in the...

  • Royal Recipes: India and Empire

    Michael Buerk is joined by chef Paul Ainsworth to celebrate royal food inspired by the days of India and Empire. Using recipes that have been hidden in the royal archive for over a hundred years, Paul cooks up quail and potato curry, said to be a favourite of Queen Victoria.

  • Royal Recipes: Breakfast and Snacks

    Michael Buerk and chef Anna Haugh cook up an Edwardian full English breakfast. Dr Polly Russell leafs through some precious manuscripts at the British Library to learn more about Royal eating habits and former Royal chef Carolyn Robb cooks a loaf that's a favourite of Prince Charles.