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  • The Royal Beat - S5 Episode 2. The King's Royal Shake-Up


    Kate Thornton and the panel discuss the King's royal residence shake-up as he settles into his reign. Who is Angela Kelly, and why has she been moved out of Windsor? And will King Charles force Prince Andrew to vacate Royal Lodge?

    Plus, with a recent survey suggesting the Princess of...

  • Snowdon and Margaret: A Scandalous Affair

    Documentary examining Princess Margaret's marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones - the first non-aristocrat to marry into monarchy for 400 years.

  • Elizabeth: A Life Through The Lens

    Documentary charting the incredible reign of Queen Elizabeth II and positioning her as the most photographed woman ever to have lived. With contributions from eminent royal historians and veteran reporters, we explore how the Queen adapted to rapid technological advances and the advent of mass me...

  • Princess Anne: Finding the Spotlight

    We take a royal tour around the life and passions of the young Princess Anne as she set about finding the spotlight to shine upon her.