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  • The Royals Revealed: Elizabeth and Philip

    A celebration of the extraordinary marriage between Elizabeth and Philip.

  • Kate Middleton: The Jewel In The Crown

    On this week’s The Royal Beat, we discuss Harry’s latest interview with Oprah, the 69th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, and why Kate Middleton is the jewel in the crown.

  • Kate: A Young Queen in Waiting


  • Elizabeth at 95: The Invincible Queen


  • The Queen and Charles: Mother and Son


  • Burma's Lost Royals

    In 1885 the British Army invaded Burma and deposed its King. This is the story of a family and a country emerging from the darkness into modern day Burma.

  • William and Kate: Into The Future

    From student to royal girlfriend and then to modern day princess, Kate Middleton has made a remarkable journey. In just a decade she won her Prince Charming and became to prospective Queen of England.

  • Albert: The Power Behind Victoria

    Was Albert really the true power behind Queen Victoria, Empress of India?

  • Prince Philip: An Extraordinary Life

    Prince Philip: 1921 - 2021

  • Harry and Meghan: The Price of Freedom

    In January 2020, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the extraordinary announcement that they were to leave the Royal Family.
    Did the young couple ever intend to follow in the footsteps of William and Catherine or was freedom the goal from the start?

  • The First Windsors

    In 1917 with British casualties mounting on the battlefields of France, and anti-German sentiment on the rise at home, King George V together with his powerful wife was forced to change the Royal Family name to Windsor and a new dynasty was born.

    Proud to be king of 'a wonderful people' the fir...

  • Serving the Royals

    From footmen and butlers to bodyguards, nannies and private secretaries, this film tells the stories of the British Royal family’s long-suffering servants. Round the clock they toil, often thanklessly, to keep the monarchy humming. While they’re sworn to secrecy some have betrayed their masters...

  • History Makers: Henry VIII

    One of the most controversial characters in history. Was Henry truly a monstrous tyrant or was he a victim of his era, fighting for his position as King?

  • Prince William: Monarch in the Making

    This True Royalty original follows William on his journey towards the Crown.

  • Highgrove: Prince Charles at Home

    In a remarkably informal and candid interview, the Prince of Wales takes us on a private tour of his beloved gardens and house at Highgrove, his own personal retreat - and the home in which his sons grew up.