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  • The Royal Beat - Episode 15. The Crown: Fact or Fiction?


    Kate Thornton and the panel discuss the truth behind the latest series of 'The Crown'. What really happened in the weeks leading up to the tragic death of Princess Diana and how the royals may be feeling about their portrayal on screen.

    Plus, Historian and author Gareth Russell joi...

  • Diana - Her Last Summer

    In the last summer of her life Diana seemed to be moving towards a new life with a new relationship and a determination to continue her work.

  • The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor

    1 season

    1970s Britain is in the grip of a fuel crisis, strikes and inflation. Prince Charles is about to be crowned Prince of Wales - the first step in his journey towards becoming a king.

  • A Royal Guide To...

    1 season

    A look at the more obscure protocols and etiquette followed by the British royal family, as well as examining the historical origins of some of the customs and why they continue to endure.

  • Prince William: Monarch in the Making

    This True Royalty original follows William on his journey towards the Crown.

  • Elizabeth & Margaret: Love and Loyalty

    2 items