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  • The Royal Beat: The Story Behind Prince Andrew's Disastrous Interview

    On this week's episode of The Royal Beat, our experts discuss the latest Netflix drama shining a light on that disastrous BBC Newsnight interview with Prince Andrew. They sort fact from fiction and take us back to that catastrophic interview for the Duke of York. We also take a look at the new En...

  • William and Harry: The Future of the Crown

    Two men born as princes formed a seemingly tight brotherhood however, their relationship has fractured under the immense pressures of the future of the crown.

  • The Royal Beat: Back in Time: The Windsors At War

    Hosted by Kate Thornton, the show goes back in time to the years before World War II and looks at Edward VIII's abdication in 1936, his marriage to Wallis Simpson and his dealings with Nazi Germany. To unpack all the scandals are historians Alexander Larman, Dr Tessa Dunlop and Alexandra Churchill.

  • Charles and Anne: Duty, Trust and Loyalty

    Following the lives of current British monarch, King Charles III and his sister, Princess Anne. Both, remarkably different individuals set for separate paths. From childhood, to the passing of the late majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we unveil the legacies of the unique siblings.

  • Princess Catherine: A New Kind of Queen

    Princess Catherine and Prince William of Wales are changing the game.

  • The Fab Five: The King's Grandchildren

    As proud grandparents, Charles and Camilla have ten grandchildren between them. While some of them are princes and princesses, others have lives outside the media spotlight.

  • The Royal Beat: Book Club - The Real King Charles

    Kate Thornton interviews acclaimed author Robert Hardman about his latest book, 'Charles III. New King. New Court. The Inside Story', which draws on his unrivalled access to the Royal family. As the oldest monarch in British history to take the throne, there has been a lot of speculation over the...

  • Raymond Blanc’s Royal Kitchen Gardens

    1 season

  • The Royal Beat : Catherine's Health Announcement

    On this week’s episode of The Royal Beat, our experts discuss the outpouring of support the Princess of Wales has received since her announcement of her cancer diagnosis. And, as some celebrities have apologized for their comments about Princess Kate, they also reflect on how the public dealt wit...

  • Prince Edward. Will He change the Royals?

    Charting the rise of Prince Edward to become one of the most important members of the royal family, from his university days and stint in the marines as well as foray into TV production.

  • Wallis and Meghan: American Duchesses

    Both Wallis and Meghan had an undeniable love for their husbands but both duchesses would receive immense scrutiny amongst the British public and tabloids once marrying into the royal family.

  • Sophie: The King's Secret Weapon?

    Sophie has been dubbed as Charles’ “secret weapon” for the way that she appears to live a normal life whilst carrying out plenty of charity work.

  • The Royal Beat - Back in Time: Victoria & Albert: The Royal Influencers

    Host Kate Thornton goes back in time to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s reign to analyse how they influenced modern day society. From the big white wedding to the Great Exhibition, discover the footprint that still exists in Britain and across the world today.

  • London Bridge is Down

    London Bridge is down. Four small words that changed the course of history, but with the most immense impact. The matriarch of the nation, the foundation stone of stability for so many people, mother and grandmother to her own family. Those four words would trigger unparalleled news coverage. The...

  • Highclere: Behind the scenes

    1 season

    Exclusive access to the real Downton Abbey, as we follow the highs and lows of the colourful modern-day Lord and Lady Carnarvon and their loyal staff

  • Princess Diana: Life After the Palace

    Once free from the shackles of royal restrictions, Diana's life after the palace allowed her to connect with millions of people worldwide as a mother, humanitarian and fashion icon.

  • The Royal Beat: Conspiracies about Catherine

    One story has dominated the news this week and that’s the edited photograph of the Princess of Wales and her three children. Our experts pick apart the conspiracies surrounding Catherine's editing faux pas and reveal how she is feeling amid the fallout.

    Also on the show, The Duke of Edinburgh i...

  • The Line of Succession

    In 2023 Charles ascended to the throne and became the British sovereign. Next in line is his firstborn, William, Prince of Wales, and then William’s firstborn, Prince George.

    But where do other known royals like Princess Charlotte, Princess Beatrice, and baby Lilibet fall in the line for the crown?

  • Anne Boleyn: A Queen Condemned

    Whether Henry had been in love with her or simply in lust, Anne Boleyn was indeed a woman and a Queen in her own right, in a world where it was a disadvantage to be female.

  • Henry VIII: The Tyrant King

    King Henry VIII would marry no fewer than six times, in pursuit of not only a male heir, but also of love. It's easy to see why Henry VIII is the most infamous English King, and is remembered half a millennium later for his tyrannous rule.