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  • Princes of the Palace

    Their royal blood has been coursing through the British royal family for thousands of years but just what does it mean to be a 'Prince of the Palace'?

  • The Lost Prince

    1 season

  • The Royal Beat - Ep 38. William and Kate: Into The Future

    On this episode of The Royal Beat, we look at the next chapter for Kate and William's family.

    We also ask if Prince Charles is about to lose his closest aide, why Prince Andrew has gone to Balmoral for the second time this summer, and whether the Sussexes will be back in the UK this year.

  • Princess Anne At 70

    Princess Anne discusses frankly what it means to be a part of the Royal Family, her work, how she's coped with lockdown and what the future holds for her.

  • King George VI: The Man Behind the King's Speech

    A tribute to an unlikely yet beloved head of state which should engage fans of the Oscar winning film.

  • Kate: A Young Queen in Waiting

    An extraordinary new documentary examines the rise and rise of the Duchess of Cambridge. Featuring never before seen footage of her work during the pandemic.

  • Harry and Edward: Princes in Exile

    There are some striking similarities between Prince Harry and Edward VIII, the Queen's uncle who abdicated the throne for his American wife, choosing love over duty.

  • Meghan and the Markles: A Family At War

    Why was her mother the only family member at Meghan's wedding amongst a sea of celebrities and A listers?
    The family rift is no secret but what is the story behind the apparent alienation of all Meghan's nearest and dearest?

  • Diana: Who Do You Think She Was?

    Diana: Who Do You Think She Was? is a truly innovative exploration of the Princess of Wales' extraordinary heritage over thousands of years, which asks the question: Was Diana actually more royal than the Royals?

  • The Royal Inner Circle

    Very few of us will ever get as close to the Royal family as a handful of Royal retainers who form the vital 'inner circle'. From bodyguards to butlers and press officers to dressers, these are the select few who have achieved the rare status of confidante.

  • Althorp: A Family Garden

    Charles Spencer, Viscount Althorp and Princess Diana's brother takes us on a tour of the house that played such an important role in their childhoods.

  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette was little more than a victim of circumstance. Married off to the dauphin at 14 and deserted by her friends she nevertheless displayed remarkable courage in the lead up to her untimely death in 1793.