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  • Harry and Meghan: The Price of Freedom

    In January 2020, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the extraordinary announcement that they were to leave the Royal Family.
    Did the young couple ever intend to follow in the footsteps of William and Catherine or was freedom the goal from the start?


    15 videos

    Follow their journey from the day they first met to life as non-working Royals

  • William and Kate: The Early Years

    20 years ago William and Kate met at St Andrew's University as undergraduates. 'The Journey' documents their early years as a carefree young couple.

  • The Royal Beat: The Real Bridgerton

    In the latest episode of The Royal Beat, Kate Thornton and guests discuss the accuracy of Bridgerton, the upcoming film Spencer about Princess Diana’s life as well as looking at the latest in Meghan’s legal action against the Mail on Sunday.


    5 videos

    Two brothers amidst one of the most explosive periods of British Royal history.

  • Prince Philip: An Extraordinary Life

    True Royalty presents the extraordinary story of Prince Philip as he prepares to enter his 100th year.

  • Royal Secrets: The Man who would be King

    It's 1982 and the dawn of the computer age when Prince William is born. He will one day be King but will that day be sooner rather than later?

  • The Rise and Fall of The Spanish King

    The King, his wife, his lover and a spectacular fall from grace.
    Once the young hero who reclaimed the Spanish monarchy and won the hearts of his people, Juan Carlos was forced to relinquish his throne in 2014 and leave his own country this year followed by allegations of money-laundering, corru...

  • The Queen: Her True Story

    With extensive coverage of the early years of Elizabeth's life and a charming recording made by the young Princesses as children this is an updated look at the life of Britain's monarch and all she has achieved.