The dynamics within a family are never easy without the added pressure of being Royal

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  • Prince William and Prince Harry: In Their Own Words

    The young Princes talk about living together during their stint in the RAAF, their relationship growing up and their military careers.

  • Royal Wives of Windsor - A Royal Marriage

    A Royal Marriage: The fairy-tale wedding is complete, but now the real work of being a royal wife begins. From producing babies to supporting good causes, the list of royal duties is endless. There are wonderful perks and privileges but all wives face dangerous pitfalls. From the women who’ve ...

  • Royal Wives of Windsor - A Royal Engagement

    A Royal Engagement: The Windsor dynasty’s choice of a suitable girl has moved with the times, evolving from aristocrat to commoner and now a foreigner, but no Royal bride’s journey to the altar has been simple. Hunted by the press, and haunted by any skeletons lurking in closets she faces a ne...

  • A Tale Of Two Sisters: Elizabeth II And Margaret

    It has been said that no two sisters were ever less alike. One reserved and proper. The other lively and controversial. One the anchor of a commonwealth of nations. The other searching for purpose in life. Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret are among the most photographed women in history. ...

  • A Tale Of Two Sisters: Anne Boleyn And Mary

    Anne has been celebrated and damned. Was she a schemer or a victim? Her Sister Mary is often dismissed as a fool and a trollop. This documentary seeks to uncover their real stories.

  • A Tale Of Two Sisters: Elizabeth I And Mary

    Mary was the short-lived, little-favoured Catholic, Elizabeth the long-reigning, all-admired Protestant. Or so history has told us. But these two daughters of Henry VIII had more in common than meets the eye.

  • Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones

    Possibly the least complicated Royal romance of modern times. We head behind the headlines for the story of the Prince and the commoner, a girl from an ordinary middle class home.

    Is this modest match set to be the Royal romantic success story to measure all others against?

  • Jewels in the Crown: Royal Auctions

    After her death many of Princess Margaret's extraordinary jewels and possessions were put up for auction by her children in order to pay her inheritance tax.
    These included the tiara that she wore at her wedding to Lord Snowdon.

  • Sophie, Countess of Wessex: The Joy and Sadness

    Originally noticed for her striking resemblance to Princess Diana, Sophie Rhys-Jones, wife of Prince Edward could not have been more different.
    As an independent career woman the stage was set for a very modern Royal marriage.