5 Seasons

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  • Crown & Country: Aldershot

    Episode 1

    Edward Windsor goes to Farnborough to find a corner of England that is forever France - and unearths the reason why Aldershot is so strongly linked with the army. We keep faith with the military theme by visiting Stratfield Saye, home of the Duke of Wellington, and find out that Queen Victoria wa...

  • Crown & Country: Arundel

    Episode 2

    The flower festival of Corpus Christi provides the backdrop as Edward Windsor investigates one of the oldest hereditary titles in the land - The Earl of Arundel. They are still responsible for organising many of England’s grandest state occasions, nearly one thousand years after they first held t...

  • Crown & Country: Canterbury

    Episode 3

    In 1174 a few ill-chosen words from Henry II changed the course of history. The murder of Thomas Becket shook the whole of Christendom to its roots. But as Edward Windsor discovers, this darkest hour for Canterbury led to the creation of the most visited shrine in the Kingdom and brought untold w...

  • Crown & Country: Isle of Wight

    Episode 4

    Edward Windsor travels overseas for the first in a new series of Crown and Country to the Isle of Wight. He discovers that an ancestor of his was responsible for the first salvage dive below the ocean and learns how the town records for Yarmouth came to be thrown away! He also has a brush with a ...

  • Crown & Country: Rochester and Chatham

    Episode 5

    Rochester was famously both the scene of the first royal abdication and ironically, the restoration of the monarchy after Cromwell. Edward Windsor discovers a curious connection between the area’s most prolific author Charles Dickens, the naval dockyards at Chatham and Queen Victoria.

  • Crown & Country: Salisbury

    Episode 6

    Salisbury is an area steeped in myth and legend, from Stonehenge to the top of the spire in Salisbury Cathedral. Edward Windsor follows in the footsteps of his ancestors and discovers how many royal connections there are with this beautiful part of the country. We also unearth a forgotten palace ...