5 Seasons

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  • Crown & Country: Brighton and Lewes

    Episode 1

    A tale of two towns concludes this tour by Edward Windsor through some of England’s most historic sites and their connections with the Crown. The regal links between the two towns is in small part due to George IV, but has more to do with some acts of derring-do and tales of wheeling and dealing.

  • Crown & Country: Cinque Ports

    Episode 2

    The first of six programmes in which Edward Windsor explores various sites in the south-east of England, examining their historical links with the Crown. When five small ports on the south coast came to a deal with the King back in 1050, it heralded the start of Britain’s maritime power. In the a...

  • Crown & Country: Portsmouth

    Episode 3

    Edward Windsor's historical exploration of the south east of England takes him to one of the best natural harbours in the world, and home of the Royal Navy. Innovation is key: here we find the first dry dock, the first iron-clad warship and even the first place that tea was drunk socially.

  • Crown & Country: The New Forest

    Episode 4

    Edward Windsor takes to horseback and discovers that it was not always ponies for which the New Forest was famous. As we discover, it has borne witness to more than its fair share of mysterious deaths and acts of treason.

  • Crown & Country: Winchester

    Episode 5

    This glorious city was an ancient capital of England. Edward traces back down the years the origins of the Crown via such luminaries as King Alfred, King Edgar and even King Arthur. Pillage, plunder, murder and miracle.

  • Crown & Country: Windsor

    Episode 6

    Edward Windsor takes us home to Windsor Castle, a royal fortress and family home for more than 900 years. He provides a unique perspective on the stories, legends and characters - not just of the Castle - but also the town, the Great Park and the surrounding countryside.