5 Seasons

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  • Crown & Country: Hatfield and St Albans

    Episode 1

    The odd tale of two towns and two very different but equally fascinating women: Elizabeth I, who learned she was Queen of England while in a garden at Hatfield House, and Lady Caroline Lamb - whose strange antics enlivened proceedings at nearby Brockett Hall.

  • Crown & Country: Hertford and Guildford

    Episode 2

    Why did King William, the Conqueror of England, build castles in these towns on opposite sides of London? Edward Windsor explores this and some of the other historic links between the towns. We visit a magnificent garden that was given away by the Crown and hear about the death of the country's m...

  • Crown & Country: London’s Palaces at Westminster

    Episode 3

    Edward Windsor visits the two palaces at the very heart of the Crown's power, one where the Sovereign is crowned and the other where the Sovereign rules: Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster. What is the origin of the royal pomp and ceremony and what symbolic significance do the variou...

  • Crown & Country: The River Thames: Part One

    Episode 4

    Edward Windsor chooses Tower Hill and the Pool of London - where the story of London really began, as his starting point for this series. Travelling east on a River Police launch, we learn about the origins of the force which celebrated its 200th anniversary in 1998, see the glories of Greenwich,...

  • Crown & Country: The River Thames: Part Two

    Episode 5

    Travelling west from the Tower, Edward Windsor has the Royal Watermen as guides on a voyage that passes some of the English capital’s famous landmarks. We visit the City’s first amusement park, visit the Royal Hospital at Chelsea with the Duke of Edinburgh, and hear how a Lord tried to cheat the ...