5 Seasons

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  • Crown & Country: Bury St Edmunds

    Episode 1

    Edward Windsor tells the extraordinary story of the first patron saint of England and the growth of Europe's largest shrine. He also unearths some far more sinister goings on!

  • Crown & Country: Cambridge

    Episode 2

    Edward Windsor returns to his old university to learn about the conflicts between 'town' and 'gown' and the royal connections that make Cambridge the most celebrated seat of learning in the world. There are tales of student pranks - and worse - from the days of the first royal student; also a cha...

  • Crown & Country: Harwich and Colchester

    Episode 3

    For centuries, Harwich was the safe haven that allowed kings and queens of England access to and from Europe. Colchester's links with royalty go back even further. Edward Windsor explores the area's connection with his ancestors, follows the trial of Britain's most famous warrior queen and discov...

  • Crown & Country: Peterborough and Ely

    Episode 4

    A Saxon princess who defied her king, and a Tudor queen who won popular acclaim (although she was banished by her king) - just two of the ancestors Edward Windsor discovers as he traces the connections between England’s Royal family and these two historic towns.

  • Crown & Country: Sutton Hoo

    Episode 5

    Sutton Hoo is the oldest Royal burial site in Britain. It witnessed the elaborate funeral ceremony for the man often described as the first King of England, but was this claim justified - and what happened to the Royal line? The first in a new series of programmes written and presented by Edward...