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Watch this video and more on True Royalty TV

The Truth Behind The Crown: The 1950's



  • The Real King's Speech

    King George VI suffered from a debilitating speech impediment. Behind the scenes he was helped by Lionel Logue an innovative Australian speech therapist.

    For the first time Logue’s former patients who were treated alongside the King will reveal his methods…. And using his iconic speeches we wil...

  • Diana: Separation and Divorce

    Charles and Diana married in 1981 and yet within a decade the marriage had turned into a pile of ashes and as their union disintegrated the mask began to slip. Weighed down by years in a loveless marriage they could barely bring themselves to be in each other's company.
    This is the story of the d...

  • A Tale Of Two Sisters: Elizabeth II A...

    It has been said that no two sisters were ever less alike. One reserved and proper. The other lively and controversial. One the anchor of a commonwealth of nations. The other searching for purpose in life. Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret are among the most photographed women in history. ...