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Asia's Monarchies: Cambodia



  • Asia's Monarchies: Nepal

    In 2008, Nepal's monarchy was ousted from power, turned out of their palaces, and so the country began a new era as a republic. The civil war had lasted a decade and cost more than 13,000 lives. The transformation from kingdom to republic was swift, dramatic, and begs the questions of what will h...

  • Asia's Monarchies: Bhutan

    After Bhutan's soon-to-be governing party pledged to follow the policies of the absolute monarchy it was replacing, Bhutan became possibly the first country in history where a King had to convince his people that democracy was a good idea. But, in a country that counts the nation's health by a Gr...

  • Asia's Monarchies: Japan

    The relationship between the Japanese people and the Monarchy was irrevocably changed after the end of WWII, when it had its 'divine' nature stripped in penance for the Emperor's war crimes. What is Japan's future, however, if every tradition is deemed changeable except the law that no woman may ...