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Asia's Monarchies: Brunei



  • Asia's Monarchies: Cambodia

    King Sihanouk 'retired' in 2004, giving way to his son, Sihamoni - a ballet dancer. Unlike many monarchies, Cambodia's is not hereditary - rather the next monarch is chosen by the National Assembly from a pool of eligible candidates. When Sihamoni was chosen, what sort of monarch were they hoping...

  • Asia's Monarchies: Nepal

    In 2008, Nepal's monarchy was ousted from power, turned out of their palaces, and so the country began a new era as a republic. The civil war had lasted a decade and cost more than 13,000 lives. The transformation from kingdom to republic was swift, dramatic, and begs the questions of what will h...

  • Asia's Monarchies: Bhutan

    After Bhutan's soon-to-be governing party pledged to follow the policies of the absolute monarchy it was replacing, Bhutan became possibly the first country in history where a King had to convince his people that democracy was a good idea. But, in a country that counts the nation's health by a Gr...