Watch this video and more on True Royalty TV

Watch this video and more on True Royalty TV

The Secret Photos of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor



  • The King Who Saved the Crown

    The King Who Saved The Crown is the story of Bertie, the Duke of York, in many ways the unlikeliest of Kings. But while cripplingly shy, he was also loyal, honourable, reliable and above all dutiful, many of the qualities that his elder brother Edward lacked. With the help of his gifted wife, Eli...

  • The Queen Mother: A Royal Century

    For a century, she dazzled a nation and the world. She remains one of the most popular symbols of 20th century Royalty, setting an example for everyone in public life. Made before her death in 2002, this documentary uses fascinating film footage and testimony from Royal experts like David Starkey...

  • The First Windsors

    In 1917 with British casualties mounting on the battlefields of France, and anti-German sentiment on the rise at home, King George V together with his powerful wife was forced to change the Royal Family name to Windsor and a new dynasty was born.

    Proud to be king of 'a wonderful people' the fir...