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  • George III: The Genius of the Mad King

    He was the last King of America and the first of Australia, a champion of science art and music whose reign ushered in the industrial revolution and whose political battles helped shape the monarchy today.
    And yet George III will forever be remembered as The King Who Went Mad.

  • The Kings and Queens of England: The Tudors

    From the ashes of the War of the Roses grew the mighty House of Tudor. Founded by Henry Tudor, the dynasty produced some of our most notorious Monarchs; from the infamous tyrant that was Henry VIII to Bloody Mary and her horrific campaign against the protestants culminating in the shining reign ...

  • The Kings and Queens of England: The Stuarts

    The Stuarts reigned over some of the most turbulent times in British history. Through civil war, an epidemic of witchcraft, rebellion, the beheading of a king, plague, the Great Fire of London and a successful foreign invasion, not only did the dynasty survive but with the Age of Enlightenment mo...

  • The Kings and Queens of England: The Hanoverians

    A tale of four Georges and a William beset by bad father-son relationships and bouts of mysterious madness. The Stuarts played out their petty rivalries in Palace and Court in an atmosphere of over-indulgence, decadence, obesity and addiction whilst thousands died in the bloody battle of Culloden...

  • The Kings and Queens of England: The Modern Monarchy

    Beginning with the first-photographed and second-longest ruling Monarch in British History, the mighty Victoria, we discover how this once sheltered and virtually penniless girl came to rule an Empire spanning half the globe. The founder of modern Monarchy in Great Britain and across the world, V...

  • A Tale Of Two Sisters: Elizabeth I And Mary

    Mary was the short-lived, little-favoured Catholic, Elizabeth the long-reigning, all-admired Protestant. Or so history has told us. But these two daughters of Henry VIII had more in common than meets the eye.

  • The Kings and Queens of England: The Normans

    Meet the Normans: famous for fighting at Hastings in 1066, being shot in the New Forest, eating far too many lampreys and having far too many affairs. Not to mention starving in Oxford Castle, murdering Thomas Becket, fighting The Crusades, signing The Magna Carta and losing their jewels in the W...

  • The Kings and Queens of England: The Middle Ages

    Henry III was given a polar bear by the King of Norway in 1252. He kept it in the Tower of London and took it to the river Thames each morning to swim and catch fish. That's just one of the eye-catching true tales in this medieval miscellany. This is the real story of the Medieval Kings. The rest...

  • The Tudor Age

    The Tudor dynasty lasted 118 years and changed England forever. After years of civil war, The Tudors started the process that would eventually bring peace, stability and change to the land, and many of the places that witnessed this change still exist in the landscape today.